Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gregory Dee & The Avanti's

“Gregory Dee & The Avanti’s” were also a South Minneapolis band. They were the only other local band that had fans more enthusiastic then “The Chancellors”. Their fans were crazy! Super loyal. There were kids that went to every dance that “Gregory Dee & The Avanti’s” played.
“Gregory Dee” was Greg Malland, lead singer and keyboard player. “The Avanti’s” first lead guitar was Bruce Madison followed by Dave Metzold who also played sax. Frank Prout (aka Frank Thomas) was the bass player. Doug (Froggie) Nelson was the drummer. Froggie went on to form “Froggie & His Friends”.
“ Gregory Dee & The Avanti’s” was a party band. Their loose sounding arrangements and relaxed approach to the music insured that they never got uptight as long as the kids had fun.
The LP I have “The Big Hits of Mid-America” features four of “Gregory Dee & The Avanti’s” hits. “Olds-Mo-Williams” which was featured on KFAI, Radio Rumpus Room, Oct. 17, 2008, “The Slide” written by Greg Malland and “Ain’t Got No Home”. “The Grind” their biggest hit was written by "The Avanti’s" and is still popular.
“Gregory Dee & The Avanti’s” were always friendly, never full of themselves that was part of their appeal, just regular guys.

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